Welcome to “Leadership Insights With David O. Lawal” — Lesson #1

13 Jul

Two weeks ago, I started “Leadership Insights With David O. Lawal” — a series of bite-sized leadership lessons I share with my WhatsApp contacts, which I’d love to continue here. This is the lesson #1:

That you’re reading this message means that you said, “Yes… let’s do it!” to my invitation to take the leadership + personal development journey with you. And I want to appreciate you for the positive response.

Saying yes means you desire to…

• Improve your personal skills
• Improve your people’s skills
• Hone your communication skills — that is, your writing and speaking skills
• Live the rest of your life as a leader

Welcome once again.

Today, let’s discuss something really important. Let’s talk about the most basic thing in leadership: Becoming a leader.

Isn’t that what everyone wants? Everyone wants to be superior and have influence.

But why should you, a youngster, consider becoming a leader — even while you are yet to fill in the most seemingly insignificant leadership position?

I understand that’s one of the questions on your mind; and today, I’ll show you want I think is the answer to that critical question.

My answer to this is simple. I believe you should start considering becoming a leader from this moment onwards, wherever you are, in whatever condition you find yourself in.


Because you have what it takes to be a leader. Everybody does. And you’re no exception.

And there’s one other reason…

You’ll get out of school soon. I’m talking about the university. Probably in the next 2 or 3 or 5 or 7 or 10 or 13 years. It’s still soon. And you’ll get on a job. And you’ll find an opportunity to lead a team, because you’re going to become a graduate. But being a graduate isn’t enough qualification for being a leader.

You need to understand people and how to coordinate them to produce results. You have to know how leadership works.

At that point, you’ll be entitled to receive a monthly paycheck.

Do you think you don’t dress in the best attires at the moment and that makes you feel less qualified for leadership? Although you should care about your dressing, but if you can’t afford to buy nice clothes now, worry not.

Paychecks can get you nice clothes — and that’s what sales personnel call ‘packaging’.

But there’s something paychecks can’t instantly get you when you start working at a job. That’s leadership.

But personal development will. Personal development will help you improve your leadership skills.

Honestly, it takes time.

And that’s why you should begin today. I mean NOW.

Good day.


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