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A Step to Realization

3 Apr

A month ago, I read the story of an aged man who sat next to a young lady in the walkway of a University. He had his hands on some artwork, trying to paint a picture of a flower few metres away. He gave it all he could, but he found it so challenging to make the painting look as he initially expected. Sure enough, he got fed up.

“Hello sir,” the young lady said, concerned. “You look worried. Are you finding it difficult to get the painting done?”

This man didn’t reply. He reached out for his file, brought out a collection of old paintings and started to go through them, shaking his head.

“Wow!” the lady exclaimed, “those paintings are beautiful! Who made them? That person must be a great artist!”

The old man replied in faint voice, “That’s me when I was a little boy.”
“I love to draw and paint, but had no one to appreciate my artworks. I felt I wasn’t talented enough, and I gave up painting. But later in life, I discovered the beauty of Art and love to draw again. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it used to be.”

The lady was touched. The man added, “If I had found someone to tell me how talented an artist I was years ago, I would probably have become a celebrated artist today.”

I agree that this is a sad and pathetic story, but don’t you know people who have lost the dreams God has placed inside them because they had no one to encourage them? Maybe you, too, are faced with a situation like the old man. “I don’t feel needed. In fact, nobody appreciates me,” you say. But God loves you. He values you. He has created you with dreams, potentials and abilities inside of you.

Your talents and potentials are God’s gift to you. You need to discover and develop them. But you can’t stay negative, complaining, expecting the worst, and achieve anything. You need to get out of yourself and start working towards fulfilling those dreams.

Maybe the major challenge you have is that you’re just negative about yourself. You think, “I was born into a poor family, no one would associate with a poor fellow like myself.” Or yours is a myopic self-image. You see yourself as hopeless. You believe what people think you are. The first thing you need to do is to get a perspective change.

Search through the Scriptures and see what God says about you and start saying, “God I thank You because Your Word says I’m ‘peculiar’, I’m chosen by You and I’m Your child. I’m an irreplaceable original.” When you do that, you’re releasing your faith and activating God’s power upon your life and destiny. Who you are is what God says about you; not what you think about yourself or what your situation or other people say or feel that you are.

Perhaps you don’t have people around or you you’re with the wrong crowd. You need to start moving with positive people who will influence you, encourage you, and help you keep a positive perspective and attitude.

If you’ve done all the above and still you don’t feel good about yourself, get a self-help book and start with it. I guarantee, you’ll learn a lot of practical lessons from them.

“Oh David, I’ve done all you’ve suggested, yet I’m never motivated. I have the most positive people around me. In fact, my parents are ministers. I’ve read numerous books on positive thinking. Still, as much as I try to program my mind with positive thoughts, I can’t explain how it happens but I just find out that I get easily discouraged.” Don’t worry, I get your point and I have good news for you. The point is that something is missing in your life and there is an unfailing solution.

The truth is: if you’ve been a negative person – in your thoughts, actions, habit, and character – you’ll experience a tough time becoming positive. You can’t help yourself! But have you heard of “Grace?”

Grace isn’t concerned of your past or what you think about yourself. Neither is it considerate of what people think about you. Maybe you say, “I’m just too bad to get a good life. I’ve been too negative a person to become positive. I’ve committed too many sins to become righteous…”

You may be right, but Grace is saying, “Don’t worry about all that. I can turn all around and give you a new beginning – a new life. I’ll make all your admirations reality. Only believe.”

Grace is Jesus, Jesus is Grace! And those are His words to you today.

Do you desire to have your goals accomplished, fulfill your destiny, get a promotion, secure a University admission, get healed, rest in Perfect Peace in His kingdom when the race is over? Jesus says in Matthew 11: 28, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Make a decision to believe what He says about you and what He is saying to you today; and start the journey to becoming who He has originally made you to be and where He has prepared for you. He has higher thoughts about you and bigger dreams for you!

Learn of Him, claim His promises daily and start living your dreams today.

It’s an unfailing and eternal hope!


Quote for The Week

3 Apr

“We all have defining moments. It is in these moments that we find our true characters. We become heroes or cowards; truth tellers or liars; we go forward or we go backward.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

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