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Christ Is Risen!

31 Mar

Go check in the tomb where Christ was buried, is He still laying there? No! He is risen! Our God is risen. He is alive!

That same power that raised up Christ Jesus from death over 2,000 years ago still has the same unfailing effect today.

Friend, I want you to get the right perspective. See Easter as a priviledge to employ Christ’s resurrection power to impact and raise back to life your hopes, your dreams, your potentials, your skills, your talents and your entire life.

When the resurrection power comes upon your life, it will revive your strength and give you a set of eagle’s wings to soar over your situations and difficulties; getting you out better than you were originally – triumphant.

Be sensitive about the significance of the resurrection: Christ conquered death. In fact, He is not only risen, but risen in glory, triumphant. That’s the power of His resurrection. Seek after it. Believe it. Receive it. And live it.

Align your interest with the apostle Paul and say, “That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection.” Go around with that attitude, expecting to know more of the Risen Christ and Saviour of the whole world; and declaring the power of His resurrection over your life. If you do that, I can assure you that no force on earth can hold you back from becoming all God has destined you to be!

Happy Easter.


No Greater Love

30 Mar

There lived on earth the Saviour of humankind over 2,000 years ago. He gave up His life, on a cross, for my sins and yours.

Once, we owed a debt we couldn’t pay; but in solidarity and love He paid it all with His blood. In fact, He died with a broken heart for us to inherit life eternal. No greater love!

He was buried. His soul descended down to hell, he withdrew, from the devil’s hands, the key of death. He destroyed all the works of the devil. On the third day, He rose up back to life. What a dominion over death!

While on earth, He lived a blameless, sinless, stainless, yet triumphant life. He played out an example of perfect living. He won the victory over satan, self and sin. And today He is saying, “If you’ll just believe on me, let go whatever you’re holding on to, carry my cross, tap from my unlimited source of grace and follow me, you’ll do greater things than I did.”

“The victory, the abundance, the breakthrough, the justification, the goodness, the strength,… and wonders of the cross will be all yours.” “Only believe on me and be vindicated.” “And when the end is come, where I am (The Heavenly Kingdom) there will you be also.”

We celebrate, He is risen! He lives! He reigns! Hopefully, He said, “I’ve done all these for you. Just believe, take hold of my grace; and you’ll be insured forever.” He has gone through the pains, the agony, the humiliation, the suffering and death – all for you. He doesn’t want you to experience same. He is risen! He has handed over to you the victory, the grace, and His salvation.

He laid down His life for you; will you appreciate this Friend for all He’s done for you by simply giving Him your heart and entire life today? Think on it, act on it, and become born again! Today is the day of your salvation and victory – not any other day!


Created To Be Creative

26 Mar

Often times, too many people leave undone things they are expected and required to do believing that God will do them. They go about complaining, worried that their prayers don’t get answered. They don’t realize it, but they are unconsciously robbing themselves of God’s blessings. Here is the key: God is not going to do for you what you can always do on your own. Pastor Olusola Areogun said, “God will do for you the impossible while you’re involved doing the possible. Don’t leave it to God.”

Genesis 1 verse 27 shows us that God has created us in His own image and after His likeness. In other words, God has made us to be like Himself, look like Himself, think like Himself, to have His kind of attitude, live like Himself, and also to be as creative as He is. Friends, that is the generosity of the God we serve!

Notice that before or during creation, no one has ever created anything similar to all God made. All that God has made are so unique and original. Therefore, if you’ve got a dream on your inside, don’t mind if people think it’s crazy, go on, believe on those dreams God has placed inside you – be like Him! It doesn’t matter if it has not been done before, the experts may not recognise it; but what matters is the inner voice that tells you, “it can be done.” It may be ‘unpopular’, but don’t get bordered; you can achieve it because God hasn’t termed it ‘impossible’.

Have faith, live the life you’ve imagined, impact the little corner of the world you find yourself. You may say, “Oh David, I don’t have the resources, the finance, the right people to support and encourage me.” Quit complaining. I can assure you that you may not have ‘all to start with’, but you have ‘what to start with’ – the brain God has given you.

Most important is that whatever you are going to do, make sure it is to God’s glory. Somebody said, “Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.” This is my question to you: what would you give God in return? Something displeasing or something precious.

I’m asking you to give God in return the most precious things you can ever afford – your time, your abilities, products of the creativity He has placed inside you – and you will be surprise, beyond imagination, how far God can take you.


It’s Not A Religion! What Then Is It?

6 Mar

Christianity is not a Religion; it is a “Relationship” – by virtue of Righteousness – with the Most High God, through His Son, “Jesus”, the only Saviour of humankind, who died for the sins of the whole world over 2,000 years ago!


Join This Ongoing Campaign

4 Mar

GOD HAS A VISION: “…and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” (Hebrews 8:10-12).
But how possible is this? Absolutely possible! If the entire human race sin no more, sin will become history.
A sin-free generation is possible; it begins with you!
P.S.: Please be a part to this Heavenly Vision. Join this campaign of Righteousness and help bring God’s Kingdom on earth. Show love. Save a soul.
Share this message with your friends. God bless you.

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